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Eligibility Information

**Fall Athletes = Forms are due by Tuesday, August 1, 2023 for all Spring teams ** 
Please check below the required steps to become eligible to compete for Pascack Valley Athletics.
FamilyID Welcome Letter
Family ID Website

Step 1: Please visit Mrs. Fallon's website (School Nurse) for Physical and Health History Forms. These forms must be completed in order to participate in our athletic program.  All Medical Forms MUST be completed and uploaded using FamilyID.

Step 2: In order to participate on a Pascack Valley athletic team a student-athlete and parent must also read and sign all forms listed in FamilyID. All forms MUST be completed using FamilyID.

Step 3: All Freshman, Junior, and Transfer athletes (as well as any individuals coming out for athletics for the first time - regardless of their grade) must complete Impact Concussion Testing for the school year.  The test is good for the entire school year and only needs to be completed once for 2023-2024.  The testing sessions will be arranged at the beginning of the season for the specific athletes.