Internship Highlight: Ann Madden & Megan Sgroi

Internship Highlight: Ann Madden & Megan Sgroi
Graphic: Ann Madden and Megan SgroiWith their passion for the medical field and their dedication for helping those in need, PV seniors Ann Madden and Megan Sgroi did not let the pandemic stop them from continuing their work as emergency medical technicians (EMT). After signing up for an EMT training course during their sophomore and junior years in high school, Ann and Megan were able to elevate their EMT experience by enrolling in the internship program which allowed them to observe different scenarios and expose themselves to administrative responsibilities. 

Ann and Megan both intern at the Hillsdale Volunteer Ambulance Service located in Hillsdale, NJ. The Hillsdale Volunteer Ambulance Service provides free emergency medical response to Hillsdale residents and surrounding communities 24 hours a day. Their mentor is John Beatty, the captain of the Hillsdale Volunteer Ambulance Service. 

“[Megan and I] were already members of the corp before it was technically our internship. But we spoke to the internship coordinators, and saw that we were able to do EMT [as our internship] because we can just take on more hours than during the day,” Ann said. "When we started our internship, it wasn't new to us just because we already were members, but it's kind of better because we're getting more hours and more experience that we wouldn't be able to get, because we'd be in school."

During their shifts, Ann and Megan arrive at their worksite and stay there until they get a call. The emergency calls can include: cardiac arrests, strokes, allergic reactions, falls, and more. When they’re on call, Ann and Megan usually take the patient’s vitals and take over as the primary people to assess the patient. Once they arrive at the hospital, they discuss the patient’s condition with the nurses, and they observe the medics to see how they respond to emergency situations. 

“I like being on calls, so just being able to put more hours into taking calls and also working with different crews is really fun because you learn a lot of new things since everyone does things differently,” Megan said.

Ann and Megan
Pictured:  PVHS Seniors Ann Madden and Megan Sgroi at work

As part of their shift, besides engaging in training for the Corp, Ann and Megan spend their time brainstorming fundraising events, since it’s a volunteer agency. In addition, they plan the social media posts, send out thank you letters to previous donors, and they help assist in training newer volunteers. It is truly a comprehensive experience.

“We both want to go into nursing, so it's really cool just to give reports to nurses in the hospital, see what the medics are doing in terms of IVs and medications and just talk to them,” Ann said. “That aspect of it is really cool just because you get to see people with more experience and education in the field that you want to go into, so you're definitely learning so much just by watching.”

Since this year was John’s first year as an internship mentor, he said he was excited to see Ann and Megan grow as EMTs, and he is impressed that they are now able to respond quickly to emergency situations. John stresses that it’s important to remain level headed during emergency calls so that the EMTs can properly engage in patient care. 

“They've both been tremendous assets to our organization throughout this year in regards to everything they've been able to do for us,” John said. “For the two of them to be able to devote their internship and additional time to the organization, it really enhances their ability to grow as people and as providers, as community volunteers, and basically as contributing members of society.”

After high school, Ann and Megan both plan on majoring in nursing. While Ann will be attending Emmanuel College in the fall, Megan will be going to the University of Tampa. They both said that their time at the Hillsdale Volunteer Ambulance Service and exposure to the medical field will help them with their careers as they grow older.

Madden and Sgroi
Pictured:  PVHS Seniors Ann Madden and Megan Sgroi
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