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Intervention and Referral Services

The Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) process is designed to support teachers' and students' needs in the general education environment. Its primary focus is to align students' needs with available resources in the general education setting. The process involves a cooperative effort between school personnel and families to provide strategies for students who are making minimal academic and/or emotional progress in the regular education community.


Who May be referred to I&RS? 


A student may be referred to the I&RS team if he/she is experiencing academic, emotional, and/or behavioral issues interfering with his/her education. Please note that the services provided throughout this process are intended to be implemented prior to a referral for an evaluation for special education services. A direct referral to the child study team may be made when it can be documented that the nature of the student's educational problem is such that an evaluation to determine eligibility for special services is warranted. A parent may make a written request for an evaluation to determine eligibility for services at any time. This shall be considered a referral and the child study team will determine whether an evaluation is warranted at that time or if other appropriate actions are necessary. 


The Process 


Once a student has been identified as being at risk for learning, behavioral, and/or health problems, the team collects and evaluates relevant data in order to determine the specific challenges and barriers to learning and performance. Collaboratively, an intervention plan is then developed to address the issues. The plan is then implemented and progress is documented. The efficacy of the plan is re-evaluated by the team in regular intervals of 4-6 weeks. This process continues until the student has achieved independent success or all of the available resources have been exhausted with minimal success at which time other options may be explored.


The I&RS Team

  • Identifies the responsibilities of building staff who participate in the planning and provision of intervention and referral services
  • Actively involves parents/guardians in the development and implementation of the I&RS plans
  • Identifies a need and then plans and provides appropriate interventions for those students within the general education setting. 
  • Monitors the student's progress while the plan is in place.