Athletes, Freshmen and Transfers


Attention Spring Athletes

All SPRING Athletes must register and upload a current physical in Arbiter Sports (formerly known as Family ID), by the following date in order for the nurses to review and for our school physician to approve.

Monday, February 26th--for SPRING Athletics

**Physicals are valid for one full year and must be valid on the official start date of SPRING sports.
(physical must have been completed after 3/11/23)

In our effort to use a paperless system, our district will continue to utilize ARBITER Sports/FamilyID for submission of physicals for all Athletes, Incoming freshmen and all Transfer students. All families recently received an email with information to set up/update your ARBITER Sports/FamilyID account. 

  • If you already registered in Arbiter Sports/FamilyID in the past, please click the link above and log in to your account and complete the SPRING registration for the sport you will be participating in and upload a current physical.
  • If you already uploaded and submitted a valid physical within your account, then there is no need to upload that physical again. However, you do need to register for your SPRING sport in Arbiter Sports/FamilyID.
  • If you do not have a FamilyID account, please follow the link and create an account and upload a current physical.
  • If you are not participating in a SPRING sport but you are a transfer student or just updating your physical for approval, there is an option for "Not participating in SPRING Athletics".

    Please do not submit any paper physicals to the nurse's office.  Although the PreParticipation Evaluation Forms will stay the same, the process of submitting is done electronically via Arbiter Sports/FamilyID only.

    *In order to participate in athletics, documentation must be electronically submitted in full. This includes:
  • Registering in Arbiter Sports/FamilyID
  • Completing all electronic health history questions 
  • Scanning in physicals (please be sure your physician does a vision screening or we will need documentation of your last eye exam)
  • Acknowledging all mandatory tutorials. 


All electronic documentation will be reviewed by our School Nurses and our School Physician. We will communicate with you throughout our review process. You will receive an email:

  • Once we review your registration
  • If any documents are missing or the registration in incomplete
  • When you are approved by our school doctor


Please be mindful if paperwork is late, that we can not guarantee clearance for participation on the start dates.


 **Please note that NO student will be allowed to participate in official practice until completed forms are submitted via Arbiter Sports/Family ID and reviewed by our school physician for clearance.  Therefore, if forms are submitted after the due dates, there may be a delay in clearance. 


Click on forms to download and print 

Health History Update Questionnaire

These questions will now be electronically answered in your Arbiter Sports/Family ID account each season when you register for your sport.  




PreParticipation Evaluation Forms (Physical Form)
This physical is valid for one full year.   

  • PreParticipation Physical Evaluation Forms are to be completed, signed, stamped and dated by the examining physician.       
  • The physician MUST sign off that he/she completed the cardiac assessment module.  
  • This 4 page packet includes: 
    • History Form
    • The Athlete with Special Needs
    • Physical Form
    • Clearance Form           
  • Physical Exams are valid for ONE YEAR ONLY.  You may not participate with expired physical. If your insurance will not allow a physical by the due date, please contact me. 
  •  Please be sure the physician signs, stamps and includes date of physical, and checks off clearance status.

    This includes: Ht, Wt, Bp, VISION, Date of exam

    *Your physician must sign the portion of the physical that states he/she has completed the cardiac module.  The physical can not be accepted if your physician has not signed this or if he has not completed this module.  **Please check this prior to your appointment.


    FAQ regarding Physicals


    Checklist for Athletic Forms

    Health History Update Questionnaire

    These questions are now embedded within Arbiter Sports/FamilyID and can be answered/updated when your register for your sport each season.

    • PreParticipation Physical Evaluation Forms
    •      Required for ALL athletes, incoming freshman and transfer students; Physicals valid for ONE year only
    •       4 page packet (all pages must be completed) includes:
    •    History Form: (completed by parent)
    •    All questions answered; signed by parent
    •    Athlete with Special Needs Form: (completed by Parent)
    •    If not applicable, write N/A and parent signs off
    •    Physical Exam Form: (completed by MD)
    •    Height, weight, Bp and pulse
    •    Date of exam
    •    VISION; if the examining doctor does not perform eye screening and you see an eye doc, you must supply proof of exam from your eye doctor.  The doctor completing the physical can not just write “optho” in that section as this is not complete. If you pediatrician completes and eye screening and documents this, then you do not require an extra note from your eye doctor
    •    Clearance checked
    •    Signed and dated by MD
    •   Clearance Form : (completed by MD)
    •    Clearance checked off
    •    Any allergies
    •    Any other pertinent medical information
    •    MD must sign that he/she has completed the Cardiac Assessment Professional Development Module or physical can not be accepted.  BE SURE TO CHECK THIS PRIOR TO APPOINTMENT.  NO PHYSICAL CAN BE ACCEPTED BY AN MD WHO HAS NOT COMPLETED THIS.


     Only our school physician has the authority to review and medically clear athletes to participate in sports. What this means is that if you do not have your COMPLETED paperwork submitted by Deadlines above  you run the real risk of not being able to participate in tryouts on the first day of the season.  Please see the athletic web page for first day of practice schedule.  

    The school doctor will be reviewing each and every individual student's paperwork who intends on participating in a  SPRING Sport. You will not be able to submit your paperwork via Arbiter Sports/Family ID and practice that same afternoon. It could be a week or more before you are cleared, depending on when the school doctor is scheduled to review these documents.

    All forms must be submitted via ARBITER Sports/Family ID 
    Thank you!


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