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Physical Forms

Athletic Pre-Participation Physical Forms

Click on underlined link to view/print forms:

PreParticipation Physical Evaluation Forms

Health History Update Questionnaire 

 PreParticipation Physical Evaluation

 (To be completed by physician):

  • PreParticipation Physical Evaluation Forms are to be completed, signed, stamped and dated by the examining physician
  • Only the Medical Eligibility Form must be uploaded into your FamilyID account for review by your school nurses and approved by the school physician
  • Physical Exams are valid for ONE YEAR ONLY.  You may not participate with expired physical.
  • A current Physical exam is required and only the Medical Eligibility Form must be uploaded in ArbiterSports registration for all incoming freshman, transfer students and student athletes. 
  •  Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Forms are required for all incoming freshman, transfer students and student athletes.

 Health History Questionnaire
(Parent Permission):

  • New Jersey State Law mandates that a permission form must be completed within 90 days of the first day of practice, not earlier.

 **The Health History Update Questionnaire is now within your FamilyID registration and questions are answered electronically. You must register and update these questions each sport season within your Arbiter Sports/FamilyID account**